torsdag 24 maj 2012


Group started 1967 by songwriter and session musician Pete Dello. His compositions earned them some success with the singles "Do I Still Figure In Your Life" and -68 hit "I Can't Let Maggie Go" - the former covered by Joe Cocker on his debute album (see previous post). Rather than performing live or touring Dello left in August -68. In spite of a few more mildly successful '45:s the group never recovered and disbanded at the end of 1969. This album had been recorded by then and was released posthumously 1970. Skillfully produced by Ivor Raymonde (who earlier worked with Dusty Springfield, Alan Price and Walker Brothers)it should have been a hit, but since there were no band, no one was there to promote it and it quickly disappeared from the shops. It is a lovely piece of work - intelligent pop with just a taint of psychedelia and every track is a winner. My fav spin from it is "Under the Silent Tree". This mono version sounds like the real thing, but I have no stereo original to compare with and Deram at this time made perfectly compatible stereos, so it's an open question. I know nothing about first issues of this in other countries, but it has been re-released on CD numerous times with bonus tracks. (UKÖ*)(YMÖ*)(DÄRR*)

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