fredag 19 december 2014


Charity sampler released through a collaboration between UN and Swedish Radio (eng. "Pop League - For UN and Refugee-67"), consisting of twelve cuts written, recorded and donated by the Swedish pop elite especially for the occation. It was a good cause then and sold quite well. Now essential as a collection of rare cuts from bands still considered important as well as combos that vanished soon after. Listening now it's clear some of them were very generous. Many of the songs could have been hits on 45 - Tages "My Home Town" very good pop with a Troggs inspired intro, Lee Kings "Stop, Think, Reconsider" (here the original mono version) happy uptempo that really sticks, Mascots "For Janet (Whom I Met)" pop garage with rattling guitars and Streaplers "Stop That Train" a bluesy number with attractive vocals. The most outstanding track is Caretakers "Lonsome Soul". Everything else they did was in the lighter pop genre, but this is high class garage psych. Uptempo in minor with a mystic atmosphere and the refrain carrying some very high pitch vocals ( ). So odd it never fails to amaze me even if I must have heard it over hundred times. Some of the other cuts have later shown up on various collections, but here is still the only place for that. Never reissued on vinyl or CD. It came with label as shown here, fully laminated cover and project info/picture inner. (ÖJÅX*) (DÄXÖ*) (SCÄ*) (SÄM*) (ÖGÄ*) (HÄH*) (CCÖ*)

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