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After reaching star status in their homeland Australia, with three top ten albums and two #1 singles plus four more top ten, all on Parlophone, the band secured a contract with US United Artists for an international carreer. This debute LP on the new label was handeled by Who/Kinks producer Shel Talmy and released in USA, England and a couple of other countries, but not originally in Australia due to contractual problems. First single from it "Friday On My Mind" became a world wide hit - apart from #1 downunder, #6 in UK, #16 on Billboard also #1 or top five in a number of other countries - while the LP didn't do as well. Listening today I find it strange the album wasn't a list topper. High quality sixties rock - diverse and melodic with attractive vocals and very catchy guitar licks. You can hear slight resemblance to Kinks or The Who, probably inspired by producer Talmy, yet as a whole totally unique. It sure would have sold big in Australia if issued there at first, but as it was "Friday On My Mind", "Pretty Girl" and "Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It" showed up on the domestic "The Best Of The Easybeats + Pretty Girl" album (see earlier post) and some of the rest was spread on EP:s. As I can figure out for now the true mono mixes only had LP release in US and a couple of south american countries while the "monos" issued as "Good Friday" in England (ULP 1167), France (37.002 UAL) and Italy (UAM 8006) were folds from the stereo tapes. There are many exemples where US recordings came as true mono in the States while the UK counterparts were folds, but it seems odd cuts recorded and mixed in England would end up that way. Maybe it had to do with the original mono tapes were sent to America while the British version was rearranged - one cut replaced and others in different order - or the Americans made their own version and mixed it themselves. In any case if you want true mono this US issue is it. Sounds beautiful - distinct and balanced. Don't have the means to compare it with a first press stereo or fold, but here's a good source for details on that https://theeasybeats.wordpress.com/studio-albums/usa-albums/friday-on-my-mind/ . Finally released in Australia 1970 as stereo only on World Record Club (S-4801). 2005 CD reissue on Repertoire (REP 3058) came with twelve bonus tracks, including mono single mixes and alternate versions. Premiere US had label as shown here, glossy cover and U.A. ad inner. (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*)

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