söndag 10 april 2016


(My last post on this was too meager so I'm trying again.) After Roy Wood left Mike Sheridan & The Night Riders for Move 1965 he was eventually replaced by Jeff Lynne. With Lynne in charge the group re-named, added guitarist Johnny Mann from Carl Wayne & The Vikings and changed repertoire from early sixties style pop/r&b to more contemporary pop/psych. Through recommendations from former band mate Roy Wood the reformed combo got a contract with Liberty 1967. After issuing two unsuccessful singles they got to record this debute LP with help from producers Eddy Offord (later renowned for his work with ELP and Yes) and Gerald Chevin (who also worked with Move at the time) plus orchestral arranger Cy Payne. I think it's a great album. Apart from being too short - clocking in at under thirty minutes - I can't find anything bad with it. Clearly inspired by contemporary Beatles and Move, still one of a kind. A perfect blend of experimental and melodic, catchy and exciting, with a lovely atmosphere. There's quite a lot on it reminding of the further Lynne/Wood collaborations for late Move and early ELO, in a way making the three bands inseparable both historically and musically and this one of the first trials in that succession. Favorite tracks - "I Like My Toys" and "End Of The Road". Have no means to compare with an original UK stereo at the moment, but as I read on the net and get from the audio - loud and clear, yet smooth with good separation - this mono is a separate mix, different from the stereo (LBS 83132). US stereo on Liberty (LST-7603) came with other sleeve design and included the mono version of "Sitting in My Tree". UK vinyl reissues 1976 on Sunset (SLS 50381)1976 and Parlophone 2014(0825646335374). Japan 2007 CD on EMI(TOCP 70271). Premiere UK with label as shown here and laminated fold/out cover. (YMÖ*)(RÖWS*) (XLÄ*)

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