torsdag 11 augusti 2016


The never ending hunt for best possible vinyl audio sometimes takes me to unexpected places. Like this Yugoslavian release of a Hendrix classic which in my world turned out to be a real gem. The pressing is immaculate with seemingly non or very little use of compression or limiting. Very loud, yet clear and well separated with a true garage feeling. The audio reminds me of UK 1st press "Ladyland" with the same kind of bouncy bass and sharp guitars. So a kind of "loud cut", hard hitting and offensive. Maybe not for the fainthearted who wish music like this to be soft and caressing, but if you're like me and want presence, natural with as little meddling as possible, this comes highly recommended. Got non of the common originals to compare with at the moment, but doubt any of those could please me much more. First (only?) Yugoslavian issue had label as shown here, thick unflexible vinyl and thin glossy cover. (JHÄ*) (BÅC*)

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