tisdag 7 mars 2017


"Ready, Steady Go!" was a British TV show, broadcasted between August 1963 - December 1966, and during that time featuring some of the contemporarily most successful pop/rock artists. (For background on the show check the exhaustive English Wikipedia article - lots of interesting rock facts there.) This collection of Decca 45 cuts from acts that also performed there early was compiled and pressed within months after first airing. I guess we're still a few remembering names like The Chucks, The Mojos, Heinz and The Tornados, and for us the whole album is filled with chances to rejoice and reminisce, getting it all as it was. But more important it also hints the beginning of the "modern" rock scene, as played and developed by The Rolling Stones. First time for the band on an album, here before the big breakthrough valued like any other upcoming act, way below the album's stars Brian Poole And The Tremeloes who get the honor of opening and closing the LP and is the only act mentioned in the rear sleeve notes (see below). At this time no one had a clue Stones would become iconic and still performing fiftyfour years later, here they're just faces in a crowd. So even if I've heard "Come On" and "I Wanna Be Your Man" a zillion times before with about the same audio, listening to them here feels special just because of that context. Pressed late 1963 and issued early 1964, which is why label and cover differ in dating. First release in UK only and reissued there 1982 on vinyl (TAB 60) and cassette (KTBC 60). Premiere LP had ridged label as shown here with "Made in England" only on top and "Recording first Published 1963". It came on heavy vinyl in a thin laminated cover. (RÅ*) (SÄM*)

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