söndag 14 maj 2017


First Stones album issued in Germany. Has no connection to any variation of their UK or US debutes. Instead it's a compilation of 45 cuts recorded 1963-64 - three from the UK EP "The Rolling Stones" (DFE 8560), the entire "Five By Five" EP (DFE 8590), plus three singel A-sides and one B-side. To my ears by far the best collection of Stones' early recordings. First issued very close to the 45:s themselves and only containing pristine versions and mixes. This is them as they were, without any later meddling as remixes or other assorted embellishments. Rock'n'roll history at its finest, brought to us almost exactly as it was. Audio shifts a bit depending on original recording quality, but most of it beautiful - big and strong with fine separation and lots of presence. For this old fan of the band's earliest period it's heaven. 1964 release also in France (Decca 158.012). German seventies reissues in mono (BLK 16315-P) and fake stereo (SLK 16315-P) came with bright red label and laminated cover. To my knowledge never issued legally on CD. Premiere German had dark red/gold label as shown here and thin glossy cover. (RÅ*) (PÖP*) GÖXÄ*)

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