tisdag 23 augusti 2016


Combo sometimes called "Motown's best-kept secret". Founded 1966 by former members of Detroit Spinners, Glass House and The Voice Masters. Their first two singles failed to sell and up to this debute album reaching Billboard #174 and the 45 pick from it "Baby I'm For Real" managing #14, they were mostly known as background singers for other Motown acts. Here they got some help from Marvin Gaye, who co-wrote the hit single and assisted with inspiration and production, getting them out in the open to at least moderate fame. For me this is very good Motown, stylewise sometimes reminding of Four Tops, Miracles or Temptations, but with enough personality and spirit to make it something else and valuable by own means. Vocals and harmonies tophole all through. Both cover versions and self-penned songs treated with same sensitivity and intensity, conveyed by compliant backing and arrangements. For me, who's been listening to the more major label acts for decades, this comes as a high quality alternative where I can get the familiar Motown feeling in yet another pleasant package. Favorite tracks - "We've Got A Way Out Love", "I've Never Begged Before" and "Why When Love Is Gone". Premiere US on Soul label (SS-716). First UK, also as mono (TML 11116), had label as hown here and laminated flip/back cover. (TÖMÖ*)

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