tisdag 28 augusti 2012


The premiere release in the British Motown Chartbuster serie of twelve volumes between 1967-82 (after the two first skipping "British" and named "Motown Chartbusters"only), with first three in both mono and stereo. I already did a post on vol. 2 mono and liked that a lot. This has somewhat earlier tracks - from 1966-67 - but the same high quality in songs and performing by some of the best American artists of the period. Click the song list below and check it out. As far as I can hear all are the '45 mono mixes, without any tampering. Audio shifts a little between tracks, yet most cuts are fine and non is bad. Also issued in stereo with "STML" prefix. This serie was UK only, but US Motown released their own "Motown Chartbusters" of five volumes 1970-71, with different tracking. (SÄM*)(TÖMÖ*)

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