onsdag 16 maj 2012


Has a few minor differences to the stereo, Not sure about it all through, but "White Room" is the same as the mono '45. It seems parts of the mono is a result of a fold down from a stereo made with help of a Haeco-CSG device (more on that thing here : http://www.rudyscorner.com/850/how-haeco-csg-kills-the-music.html). This worked by phase cancellation and was created to make compatible stereos. One of the negative effects with this was it "blured" things focused to the centre in the stereo mix. Maybe efforts to solve that problem led to the slight differences between the mono and the stereo - my mono plays great without any problems and as a rule fake monos made directly from compatible stereos don´t play very well. (As I got from Steve Hoffmans Music Forums "Sitting On top of the World", "As You Said" and "Pressed Rat And Warthog" does not have the Haeco treatment on US issue.) Early UK with label as shown here and matt f/o cover. (LYBÖ*)(CÄRÄ*)

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