torsdag 16 februari 2017


For background check post on the combo's second and final album "Sweet Ruth". By then their music had become slower and heavier, stylewise owing a lot to Vanilla Fudge. This debute comes through somewhat lighter. Pop-soul and r&b slightly tainted by psych and jazzy interludes, performed by rock setting with pleasant vocals and lots of flowing hammond. Sometimes reminding of UK acts Alan Price or Georgie Fame, yet more inspired than copied. A mix of self-penned and covers ending with a ten minute dance medley, going through most of the then here popular disco numbers with added public noise. I could have been without that, but the rest feels good - direct and cozy at the same time. Favorite tracks - the happy catchy "Joe's Got The Right" and the folky jazz instrumental "Vansbro Memories". As a whole in an international perspective maybe not top ten in its kind but with enough good moments to satisfy most collectors of odd soul or r&b. This was the only vinyl issue though all tracks can be found on the 2-CD compilation "Vansbro Memories" (Gazell/Bill GAFDD 1005). First had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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