tisdag 7 februari 2017


Italian pop/beat group existing from early sixties to mid seventies. Later on their music would develop towards psych and prog with albums like "Stereoequipe", "Id" and "Sacrificio" - today considered highly collectible and often changing hands for large sums. This debute doesn't contain any of those adventurous elements, but still has a lot to give, especially if you have a taste for odd garage. A cover album with Italian versions of known anglo-saxon hits from bands as Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Moody Blues and Kinks mixed with a couple of self-penned. It all sticks together good with a consolidating atmosphere and the guys can really sing - from soft emotional ballads to uptempo, stretching between deep sombre and high-pitch. The garage quality comes from the seemingly direct recordings and let-go production - for exemple the "phasing" in "Quel Che Di Ho Dato" ("Tell Me") which I don't believe was intentional, or the confused drums in "La Fine Del Libro" ("Time Is On My Side") - all of which adds to the charm. Favorite tracks - "Cominciamo A Suonar Le Chitarre" ("Farmer John") carried by a very hard working drummer and squeeky guitars, the high-pitch "Sei Giá Di Un Altro" (Don't Worry Baby") and the fast falsetto spangled "Papá e Mamá" ("Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow"). To my knowledge only originally released in Italy and Argentina (Music Hall 12683). Italian vinyl reissues - 1966 with same label and number in a single cover, 1995 as picture disc (Suoni Rari SR-4) and 2014 on Contempo in a fold/out cover (C 03001LP). 2000 CD (On Sale Music 52OSM045) came with three bonus tracks. Premiere issue had label as shown here, heavy vinyl and very thick laminated fold/out cover with pic/info sheet and poster inside. (ÖGÄ*)

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