tisdag 14 februari 2017


American singer, songwriter and actor - born James Marcus Smith in Houston 1938. After releasing a few unsuccessful 45:s in US early sixties he moved to Britain and got a breakthrough there, managing five top ten singles and a couple of big-selling EP:s 1964-65. But his controversial live show, including him splitting his tight pants on stage, scandalized the British press and public and following media bans lowered the sales considerably. However the English reacted, pants-split wasn't a problem in Scandinavia where he stayed on the lists and toured through the sixties and in to the seventies. While here he also dated the outrageous Swedish female vocalist Lena Junoff (thought I'd mention that since I've posted her story earlier - check Johnny Bode's album "Bordellmammas Dotter"). This Scandinavian only issue (Danish vinyl/Swedish sleeve) is a compilation of previous UK non-LP single and EP cuts, recorded 1964-65. Some of the production and song choices are common mid-sixties male vocal, reminding of Tom Jones or Elvis, while others sound contemporary British pop-band like Dave Clark Five or Swinging Blue Jeans. Listening from a modern point of view he may have lacked some of the deepest vocal emotions, but compensated that with partly almost unbridled energy. Surprising for such early recordings is the appearence of psych guitar on three of the tracks - "Answer Me", "Together" and "Stagger Lee" - as I understand played by studio musician Jimmy Page. Further the version here of the Lennon/McCartney song "That Means A Lot, given to him by Brian Epstein, was arranged by George Martin. So either way you look at this album - rare tracks, people involved or music history - it's interesting and you get some really exciting listening too. This was the only vinyl issue, but all tracks have shown up later on various CD compilations. First had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (SWÄU*) (CCÖ*) (MÖRS*)

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  1. My absolute fave singer of all time.P.J.PROBY. He's 78 now & even though he's singing better than ever he is getting less work.I bet his Danish (& Swedish) fans would love to see him in concert.Wonder if anyone can possibly get something arranged?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I did not know he was still active and doing good. US and UK "oldtimers" are brought here often for club gigs and such. Don't know who arrange those things, but if he showed up in these parts I would sure go and see him.