torsdag 2 februari 2017


The first of many Peter & Gordon compilations released all over the world from the late sixties and on. The duo was a popular part of the British invasion from 1964-66, managing one Billboard #1 and seven more top 20 in that short time, but vanished quickly from the US charts as zeitgeist changed there towards "summer of love" and harder rock attempts. This collection has eleven former 45 cuts, where of two A:s - "True Love Ways" and "To Know You Is To Love You" - plus three B:s - "If You Wish", "I Told You So" and "Love Me Baby" earlier non-LP. Listening today I'm feeling split. The memories connected to some of the songs are good and make me wanna stay, but at the same time the music feels dated to my ears. Though well performed it's also almost too kind and harmless. Nothing intriguing or even remotely dark adding balance. There is and always has been a world for such music, but I seldom visit it nowadays. My favorite tracks would be the two Lennon/McCartney covers - "A World Without Love" and "I Don't Want To See You Again" - but then mainly for the Beatles connection. Originally released as both mono and stereo in US and Canada. UK export (Columbia SCXC 31) and German (Columbia SMC 74166) were stereo only. First US had label as shown here and glossy cover. (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*)

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