söndag 26 februari 2017


It is a great LP, but during a long time ruined for me because of one lousy song - "Smoke On The Water". True story to an almost non-existing melody and the all carrying riff constrained and dull. I loved the album to pieces back then, though always skipping that particular track. Then starting soon after release and going on up this day the rest of the world has constantly tried to prove me wrong, calling the song a hard rock masterpiece and the riff flowering as the most cherished and played since big bang. For some reason all that affected my relation with the album at large and I didn't play it for a generation or so. Now back again and I haven't changed my mind about it a bit. Still don't like that track, but the rest is a happy punch right to my gut. Beautifully simple, performed by a classic rock setting with few overdubs, incredibly fulfilling and hard-hitting. And what SOTW lacks in melody and catchiness the other songs have in abundance. So if I could just change one thing...the pleasant B-side to the "Never Before" 45 - "When A Blind Man Cries" - recorded during the same sessions, should have been here instead and the polluted liquid dumped somewhere else. That would have made this album perfect for me. Favorite tracks - "Space Truckin", "Pictures Of Home", "Never Before", "Maybe I'm A Leo", "Highway Star" and "Lazy". Issued and reissued all over the world on all possible medias through the years. First US on Warner Bros. green label (BS 2607). Premiere UK had label as shown here with "Grammophone Co. Ltd." top left and no EMI box. Cover is Garrods & Lofthouse laminated fold/out dated 7204 with a glossy lyric poster insert. (DHÄ*) (HÄVL*)

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