söndag 5 februari 2017


The Genesis album I find most difficult to write about once and for all. Reason is I constantly change my mind about it. At time of arrival I was totally adapted to Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot and in comparison thought this too commercial containing too many crowd-pleasing parts. But after just a while it struck me with full power and I was in love. I couldn't get enough of "The Battle Of Epping Forrest", "Firth Of Fifth" or "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" and even the cuts I didn't like at all from the beginning - "I Know What I Like..." and "Moore Fool Me" - made sense. Then after a period of eager listening back to the shelf and I haven't picked it out much since. Decided to give it another try recently but remain irresolute. A great collection of very good ideas and catchy parts, yet sometimes sounding hastily squeezed together. Like "The Battle Of Epping Forrest" where there are enough musical themes for two or three great songs, but here as it seems almost forced in to fit a common lyric frame. However as a whole it's still better than most other albums issued at the time and to my taste in its league only subpar in comparison to their two previous ones. So very good stuff, just not my first pick if I'm in the mood for Genesis. Favorite tracks for now - "Firth Of Fifth" and "I know What I Like...". Issued all over the world on all possible medias through the years. First US on Charisma (FD 6060). All early UK copies came with large mad hatter "B&C" labels as shown here in a thin matt cover, either with lyric inner or insert. I've seen different bids which was absolutely first, but as this copy has the somewhat later -3U matrixes and carry the insert I guess the inner was earlier. (CÄX*) (GYÄ*)

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  1. I think it depends on which Genesis album grabbed you first. I bought this after they had a hit single in the UK with 'Wardrobe' and loved it from the start. I then worked my way backwards, but only Foxtrot has a similar appeal. I find the earlier albums a bit unformed, but everyone has their own opinion thank god. This is still my default selection when I want to hear some Gabriel era Genesis.

    1. I agree it's the album you fancied first that would decide kind of love you have for the band. They've been at it so long doing so many different things there's something there whatever you like.