torsdag 24 maj 2012


Nico is mostly know today from her time in Velvet Underground, heroin addiction and tragic death, but it seems she had a whole life of excitement even before she met Andy Warhol. Grew up in Berlin during the Nazis, lost her father in a concentration camp, quit school at 13 and got an offer to work as a model for Coco Chanel at 17. She had a small part in Fellinis "La Dolce Vita" and recorded her first song 1963. Two years later she met Brian Jones and through him got to record a single on UK Immediate label - "I'm Not Saying", produced by Jimmy Page. Shortly after Dylan wrote a song for her - "I'll Keep It With Mine" - wich appears on this album. Then she met Warhol and the rest is history. I have or have had most of the stuff she released as I am a sucker for musical oddities and tragic rock destinies. But to my taste she only made two 100 % top albums - "Drama Of Exile" and this one. Here she does songs by Dylan, Tim Hardin and Jackson Browne, backed up by VU:s Reed, Cale, and Morrison among others.Producer Tom Wilson arranged and added strings and flute, making it one of the best chamber pop albums up to date. It has inspired many, among them Leonard Cohen. Nico herself was not pleased with the result - she wanted drums and more guitars and she didn't like the flutes. I truly like it and if I'd ever make a list of best US albums of the sixties, this would come in high. Not sure about the mix, but it sounds true mono to me - over all top quality! First UK issue mid-seventies on Verve Select in stereo only. (NÖC*)(FÄV*) (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*)

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  1. Where can one "listen" to these MONO gems???

    (Sorry if I'm a bit late to the party, but... Links..???)

    1. You should definately try Prof. Stoned. He has a lot of them. You can find him on my link list.