tisdag 28 februari 2017


As the story goes - when Capitol boss Bhaskar Menon asked George Martin to listen and approve the US tapes for this Martin was "appalled" by the outcome, among other things because many of the early cuts used fake stereo, so instead he confiscated the tapes and reworked every track for the US release (I will get back to that later). No such problems in Britain, where EMI refused Martin's remakes and instead included all original UK recordings. Among them five - I'm Down", "Long Tall Sally", "I Call Your Name", "Slow Down" and "Matchbox" - for the first time with true stereo mixes on home soil...and to my knowledge only time analogue on vinyl there as the UK "Rarities" only had the mono versions and the stereos appearing on the "Past Masters" album were digitized. That's what makes this unique and valuable to me. It is a fine compilation and the audio is smashing all through, but without these five stereo versions it'd be just another fine compilation made years after the fact. I would have liked it even better if including the exisitng US '45 stereo cut of "Get Back" instead of the album version, but as they went for an all British variation that was probably out of the question. This 2LP issue was the only time UK tapes were used there. The British single album re-issues (as Rock'n'Roll Music Vol. 1/Vol. 2 on MFP 50506/50507) came with the US Capitol version. Premiere UK had label as shown here, fully laminated fold/out cover and "Important Notice" inners. (BÄ*) PÖP*) (PÖX*)

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