fredag 10 februari 2017

BEAT CLUB '68 249 187 (-68) GERMANY

Compilation part of a serie issued in association with German Beat-Club TV show, broadcasted between 1965-72, where the most prominent or fast upcoming acts of the moment got a chance to perform live before a large audience. The takes on this are not from any of those performances, but as I understand same as the original German issues. To my taste the best compilations are those where you can get lots of rare cuts on the same plate. Apart from Blossom Toes "Look At Me I'm You" there's not much truly rare here, but I do get some of the brightest shining numbers of the period. Two each from Who, Hendrix, Bee Gees and Cream plus one each from Loving Spoonful, James Brown, American Bread, Blossom Toes and The Move. One great song after another pulsating through my room, making it impossible to tear myself from the listening chair. Or how can anyone not be catched by a perfect strike like - "I Can See For Miles"..."Manic Depression" ... "Massachusetts"... "She Is Still A Mystery"... "Strange Brew"... "Cold Sweat". Audio shifts a little depending on original recording quality though as a whole very enjoyable listening. To my knowledge issued in Germany only. It came with label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (SÄM*) (GÖXÄ*)

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