söndag 9 juli 2017


One of the first records I posted here. Since it's already probed to pieces and all seems to have been said I didn't know what to add. Been meaning to do a remake for a long time but still not sure how to put it. Better keep it simple. I've seen this album counted either as a regular US issue, a soundtrack, or a US version of a UK 2xEP issue. But if you get down to basics it's just another collection of non-LP 45 tracks. All cuts are the original UK mono mixes. Apart from "All You Need Is Love" fading somewhat earlier here and "I'm The Walrus" having a shorter mellotron intro it's the same versions. The audio not exactly like the UK 45:s, but good. Side one has the six UK EP tracks from the Magical Mystery Tour movie, side two five single A:s and B:s. I would have preferred "I'm The Walrus" on side two as that first appeared on single coupled with "Hello Godbye", but guess either way is OK. However if you leave details and history behind and just listen you get one of the first genuine Britpsych albums and probably the best such ever. Experimental and melodic, druggy and catchy, directly striking and long memorable - all in one bag. US stereo counterpart came with re-channels for "Penny Lane", "All You Need Is Love" and "Baby You're A Rich Man". For that I would pick the 1971 German A1/B3 matrix issue instead (see earlier post), as it came with true stereo versons of those three cuts plus a yummy remix of "Strawberry Fields Forever" - all then just made by George Martin himself. But even if that has its advantages this US mono is the all true original MMT LP and will always be my first choice. Premiere issue had label as shown here and thick cardboard fold/out cover with a 24 page booklet inside. (BÄ*) (PÖP*) (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*)

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  1. somehow it holds together and flows really well and seems like it was created together as an album! to my ears anyway

    1. Spot on DanP. I always listen to it as regular Beatles album...and one of their best.