söndag 2 juli 2017


When it comes to valuing these two issues the common opinion or belief seems to be - since the mono is a fold from the stereo tapes, stereo is it for this and mono not worth having other than as complement. For me it's not that simple. Of course the real question would be why they didn't used the existing mono mixes, as the older two were in store since long and the four "new" ones already prepared for a planned then withdrawn mono EP, together with the WWF version of "Across The Universe". But as non of that happened, this is what we got. Starting with the A-side I'm skipping "Yellow Submarine", which is the "Revolver" stereo and thus not very interesting, and "All You Need Is Love" where neither the stereo nor the fold in any way matches the original mono mix. For the "new" tracks "Only A Northern Song" has fake stereo while the mono, even if folded, sounds great - big and bouncy with perfect balance. The stereo "It's All Too Much" has the intro and some handclapping in stereo, but the rest very centered like the mono. "All Together Now" is a true stereo mix, though here also the fold comes out great as clear and well balanced. "Hey Bulldog" is a for the time rather bad stereo mix, then due to the two-channel not being perfectly compatible leaving the vocals too low in the fold. For the Gerorge Martin side I prefer stereo all the way, his compositions coming through much better in the open two-channel mix. I take most fans don't listen a lot to that, but it's so well written showing Martin's talents other than just producer and arranger. For exemple first track "Pepperland" has a lovely melody well worth to be acknowledged. So if one have to choose maybe the stereo as a whole gets it somewhat more real, yet the mono has values of its own and at least to me way more than just a complement or collection filler. Premiere issues had labels as shown here, laminated flip/back covers with double red lines on rear and black inners. (ÄPLÄ*) (BÄ*) (CPYC*) (MÅW*) (ZÖNT*) (YMÖ*)

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