fredag 14 juli 2017


Her 1965 debute LP "Cilla" became an immediate success in Britain, there reaching #5 on the album list, and eventually also sold well in Europe, downunder and South Africa. As a Liverpudlian she was a pre-fame friend of The Beatles and as first signed by Brian Epstein and produced by George Martin an important early part of the Parlophone crowd. Three of her UK hit singles were Lennon/McCartney compositions given directly to her by The Beatles - "Love Of The Loved" (#35), "It's For You" (#7) and "Step Inside Love" (#8). Apart from that she also managed eight more top ten singles in Britain during the sixties, where of two #1. This second album did even better than the first and confirmed her place as one of the most popular female singers in Britain at the time. Back then I was in love with the pretty girl and her perky performance, embellished by short skirts and big smiles. Today listening with older ears I'm not enthralled in the same way. The orchestral arrangements and George Martin's production oozes sixties Swinging London - Carnaby Street, Mary Quant and mod culture - a pleasant scent that can take you back to more positive times. But as usual I'm not all in with her vocals, some of it sounding too youthfully strained for my taste. So my favorites here would be a couple of the calmer songs - "Sing A Rainbow", "My Love Come Home", "When I Fall In Love" and "Yesterday" - showing a more sensitive side and allowing me to get closer to the person. Originally also issued in Australia (SPMEO 9591). 2002 mono CD through EMI:s "60s 2 on 1" serie had this coupled with her debute "Cilla". 2009 issued in a special edition for digital downloads, including a booklet with track info and rare photos. Premiere UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (PÖX*) (FÄV*) (CÄLÄ*)

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