torsdag 6 juli 2017


It could have been a feast. Carerfully chosen numbers from a recent US tour with a good mix of old and new. Recorded during the latter part of the tour when they were all warmed up you'd expect classic Stones machinery - close, tight and dirty as on "Ya-Ya's". I don't get that here. Some of it gets through and I'm almost there in front of the stage, though most of the time feeling distanced as hearing it from the outskirts of the arena - the songs all right but lacking in edge and dynamics. Like getting a reproduction instead of the real piece of art. Don't know if to blame the recordings or later handeling, still in 1981 there would certainly have been means to do it a lot better. A necessary part of my Stones collection, but not one I listen much to today. I rather do my Ya-Ya. First UK had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover with glossy picture/credit inner. (RÅ*) (LYBÖ*)

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