torsdag 13 juli 2017


Bought this by mistake. When going through used bins I among other things always look for Etta James originals and with this I only saw "Etta" and didn't look further, just threw the seller his fee and went home. Honestly never heard of this Etta Jones before but gave the record a spin and got caught. Sweet cool jazz with soft backing and pleasant vocals. Voice sometimes reminding of Billie Holiday, yet so personal the likeness only spices the dish. But what really made me sit it out first listen was the audio. Recorded in one session...clear and direct...or so direct it could get with all stations needed between performance and vinyl back then. Yet it seems a minimum of meddling was done and you experience it as if they were all there in front of your listening chair and she's singing for you. Mmmmmmmmm. It sure was a lucky mistake picking it and James isn't the only Etta I'll be looking for in the bins henceforth. Originally also issued in Germany (Prestige PRST 7186) and UK (Esquire 32-127). European 2006 CD on Prestige/RVG Remasters (008880 723000071). Premiere US had label as shown here and laminated cover. (YZÄ*) (CLÄZ*) (ÖXCÅ*) ((FÄV*)

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