söndag 16 juli 2017


Very nice German compilation with originals for many of the songs that later would become more known or successful as cover versions. Not sure how many sixties rock bands that made more or less reworked versions of "I Got My Mojo Workin", "Green Onions" or "Bo Diddley", but it's got to be hundreds. For Rufus Thomas "The Dog" and Don Garden/DeeDee Ford "I Need Your Loving" I guess many are familiar with the somewhat later Otis Redding recordings. Shirelles "Dedicated To The One I Love" from 1959 is today mainly appreciated as the 1967 Billboard #2 hit by The Mamas & The Papas. Rolling Stones version of Muddy Waters "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" (here for some reason titled "Just Make Love To Me") is today a lot more recognized than the original. One of Elvis biggest hits in the sixties "Crying In The Chapel" was a much covered song already 1953. On here is The Orioles recording from that year. So if you wanna get first or very early versions of those songs with original mono mixes this is it. Muddy Waters "I Got My Mojo Workin" is live, the rest studio. Audio shifts a little, but most of it surprisingly good for such old takes - wide, big and clear. Don't know of any other issues. Label and sleeve has reference to a Mercury no. (125 970 MCL), but not sure if that is an actual issue or has to do with the jurisdiction. First (only?) had label as shown here and laminated cover with embossed fonts on front. (SÄM*) (GÖXÄ*)

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