tisdag 4 juli 2017


Swedish one-hit wonder with qualities that could have lasted longer given other circumstances. Today mostly recognized as the starting point for Peter Holm and his solo carreer. Band founded 1964 as "Plöjboys", but changed their name to New Generation soon after. Following a couple of years mostly playing local scenes Holm joined and at about the same time they got a contract with Sonet label. Debute single "Two Faces Have I"/"Blue Moon" became a huge domestic hit with ten weeks at #1 and also sold well in other European countries. While doing promotion tours in France 1968 Holm switched to Riviera label on his own and a concert in Paris, April 23, became his last with the combo. He then called and cancelled all future appointments for the band without telling the others, making the break definitive. This album was issued after his big international hit with "Monia" and probably an attempt by Sonet to cash in on the newly found fame. Seems like recorded in two separate sessions - side two having five recordings made while Holm was in the band and the six on side one either made after he left to finish it off. Though there's not too much difference between the sides - both well played mostly topped by harmony singing and high-pitch vocals - the Holm cuts sounds a little tighter and better produced. Good pop with top audio...maybe not the best Swedish period LP, but with enough charm to make it worth while and those into male falsetto will get their share for sure. Both "Two Faces Have I" and "Blue Moon" were remixed in stereo here. The original mono mixes can be found on Peter Holm's French debute "Monia" (see earlier post). This was released in Sweden only and to my knowledge never reissued on vinyl or CD. It came with label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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