fredag 30 juni 2017

AGE OF ATLANTIC 2464 013 (-70) UK

The title don't lie. It sure was the age of Atlantic. With acts like Led Zeppelin, Buffalo Springfield, Yes, Iron Butterfly, MC5, Allman Brothers, Dr. John and Vanilla Fudge they had some of the most exciting and big selling issues at the time - and all those represented on this. The only two cuts here that may not be considered classics today - Cold Blood's up-tempo soul "I'm A Good Woman" and Dada's bombastic "Last Time" cover - fits in very well and not in any way subpar to the other more known. Audio shifts a little depending on original recordings, but most of it very clear and direct. To me a very palatable taster from the years 1968-70 when so much happened in the music world still echoing today. So if you can't get the original albums, but like it close to the source it's highly recommended. Also issued in Austria (same number) and Germany (SKMLP 333). UK reissue later in the seventies (K 20011) came with green/red label without the "99" logo top front cover. To my knowledge never released on CD. Premiere UK had plum label as shown here and laminated fold/out cover. (SÄM*) (ÄTHP*)

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