tisdag 20 juni 2017


Their second LP (eng. "She Came Across The Moor"). While the first - "Nobody Wants To Be Sixteen" - can be described as odd garage pop/rock with English lyrics (see earlier post), this is more or less a folk rock album partly building on Swedish traditional themes with psych and jazz interludes. The garage feeling is still there, but this time somewhat more elaborated and cohesive. All cuts self-produced and self-penned. Played by a seven-piece consisting of bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, fiddles and horn. Lyrics all Swedish with a mix between folky and left-wing. Got many favorites here - "Grannlåt" (Neighbour Song") is good folk rock carried by a simple but soothing saxophone-violin loop. "Vargarnas Natt" ("Night Of The Wolves") soft psych with prominent guitars. "Jass" instrumental folk-jazz and title track dark and repetitive with bass/drum/violin support and a beautiful alto sax solo. Audio is open and direct, allwoing flaws but also true feeling to get through. All together more laid-back than eager, partly very catchy and to my ears still today very good listening. Originally released in Sweden only. Seventies re-issue on bright blue label. 2009 2xCD issue (MNWCDJ 17) together with the "Nobody Wants To Be Sixteen" album plus three bonus tracks. Russian CD on Special Limited Edition came with four bonus tracks picked from the band's third LP "Utmarker". Premiere press had label as shown here, thick vinyl and thin fold/out cover made of recycled structured paper with record pocket inside and brown paper ad inner. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*) (NÅY*)

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