söndag 11 juni 2017


German variation using the US sleeve design and "stereo" matrixes - ZAL 6791/92. It is a known faked two-channel, but most of it quite ok listening anyway. "Mercy Mercy" sounds unbalanced in a shaky way, as someone was testing re-channeling during the ride, while the rest comes out more or less like an alternative mono. Tried to compare by using the mono button (got it on remote), but connecting the channels don't bring much difference at all. Partly a bit muddier than the original mono with some variance in balance, but if you don't listen too closely it's about the same. Had the UK export stereo, made from the same matrixes, before so I knew what to expect when I bought this. Still...German originals very seldom show up in these parts and I do like the dark red/gold Decca label, so I much rather have this than getting another copy of the here much more common yet costlier UK export stereo. German second issue (SLK 16682-P) came with UK tracking and sleeve design on bright red label. Premiere press had label as shown here and thin glossy cover with "Royal Sound" inner. (RÅ*) (GÖXÄ*)

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