tisdag 13 juni 2017


A band behind two all time classic LP:s - "Music In A Doll's House" 1968 and "Bandstand" 1972 (see earlier posts). Both having that perfect blend of experimental and catchy, filled with memorable melodies as well as structural rethinking, not exactly fitting the "psych" or "prog" concepts but somewhere inbetween. To my taste non of their other albums hit the nail that hard or accurate. In comparison to those masterpieces some are partly bland and a couple just too weird to be called "classics". Don't get me wrong - I like weird stuff, but since larger part of the common public don't such records will never be rated high in the normal world or put on any kind of pedestal. Like this one. Uneven, partly unintelligible and about as far from relaxed or easy listening as you can get. But if you're willing to accept the odd and unexpected there may be some memorable moments. Mine are - ""Blind" where a waltz melody to a psych background is performed by some of the roughest vocals ever, "Save Some For Thee" very catchy song in a slighly twisted context and "Larf And Sing" which can be described as folky funk with high pitch vocals. All toghether a record worth both love and respect...at least from us with a taste for the bizarre. Orignally also issued in US and Canada (United Artists UAS-5562), downunder and a couple of European countries. UK 2014 CD (Madfish SMACD 995) came with two bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here, five layer fold/out cover and lyric insert. (FÄXI*)

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