fredag 16 juni 2017


I usually only post stuff if I have something nice to say, but it is hard to muster any positive thoughts here while trying to save myself from drowning in a sea of squishy squashy synths. The album was a huge success then, reaching #1 in UK, #7 in US and eventually certified double platinum by RIAA. At first impact this old-timer don't get that at all. I understand when synths constitutes art music or are used as effects or slight enhancements, but have never been able to appreciate the electronic substitutes for real instruments in pop and rock. And as this is full of it almost impossible for me to pick out any enjoyable stuff. I do like Phil Collins vocals and "Dodo/Lurker" reminds of good early post-Gabriel Genesis, just on a less solid ground. There are a couple of other parts I would have liked if played by real instruments, but can't get past the squishy squashy. Issued all over the world on all possible medias through the years. Vinyl releases came with different color settings on sleeve, not sure if any of those are considered earlier or more valuable. Important for distinguishing an early UK press is if label, back cover and inner have Charisma logos only, later would have a Virgin logo added. This seems to have been one of the earliest (stamped matrixes CBR A/B 1U-1-1). It came with label as shown here and thin matt cover with glossy pic/credit inner. (GYÄ*) (CÄX*)

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