fredag 23 juni 2017


For combo background check post on their previous album "Three In A Cell". That was so cool and snug you just wanted to take it to bed. Soft lounge tunes carried by a prominent yet caressing organ. This comes with a partly wider intent. For exemple the cover of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" starts like free form jazz but soon slides over to melodic carried by vocals and classic guitar only, the 10.45 "Lockshen Pudding" an uptempo jazz instrumental building on diverse solo accomplishments and "Birth" with a calm almost sacral stillness conveyed by piano and bass/drum backing. Though the rest of the cuts share a lot with TIAC as organ driven in a rather dark atmosphere this sounds more mature. The feeling is jazzier, the vocals further naked and the set-up more eclectic. Mixing is tophole and audio of outmost audiophlie quality giving a close connection. Still very cool though this time slightly more offensive than cozy. Good for close listening or late parties, but less soothing at bedtime. Originally issued in a couple of European countries, downunder and US (Epic BN 26529). Japan 2008 CD (Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1476) came with three bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover.

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