fredag 9 juni 2017


His third solo album, musically reaching from Love Sculpture to Rockpile - with "My Baby Left Me" recorded 1969 backed by the old band and a couple others performed by a Rockpile embryo consisting of Edmunds, Nick Lowe and Terry Williams. Five of the cuts written by Edmunds and/or Lowe, the rest cover versions. Though emanating from sessions diverging in time and space what I hear is an almost congruent forerunner to the 1980 Rockpile "Second's Of Pleasure" album (see earlier post). Same catchy melodic rock'n'roll with a happy welcoming fifties feeling, well sung and performed giving a pleasant aftertaste. Production and audio isn't as consistently good as on SOP, but with the same positive atmosphere and warmth. Serves well as complement to the morning coffee after a rough night or just an antidepressant in general. Favorite tracks - "Get Out Of Denver", "Here Comes The Weekend" and "What Did I Do Last Night?" 1977 vinyl also in US, Canada, Japan, and downunder. Frequently reissued on CD through the years, non with bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and fully laminated cover. (DÄWÄ*)

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