söndag 18 juni 2017

THE BEATLES/1967-1970 PCSP 718 (-73) UK

I sometimes meet people at work or in record shops who never got into or learned about Beatles, but would like to and don't know where to start. I think this is a good advice. A collection of twentyeight tracks, most previously on big selling 45:s. Even if not the absolutely best to everyones taste it's still so overwhelming all together it'll leave very few untouched. Back then it also brought a couple of goodies for the already accustomed fan. The single edits of "Get Back" and "Let It Be" here for the first time on LP. And on this UK version you get George Martin's 1971 stereo re-mixes of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Penny Lane", same as first used on the A1/B3 matrix issue of the German Magical Mystery Tour album (see earlier post). The new SFF mix can easily be distinguished by having "Cranberry Sauce" twice at the end - which this has...well actually just "Cranberry..." second time, but again the same as on the German. Haven't had a US 1st press for ages, though as I remember that had "Penny Lane" in mono and the 1966 SFF stereo mix. Anyway it is a compilation of tophole tracks by one of the greatest bands ever, carried by excellent production and great audio. So whoever, whatever or wherever you are, if you're new to all this and wanna get in - go fetch! (BÄ*) (ÄPLÄ*) (PÖP*)

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