söndag 12 februari 2017


Had UK mono version copies of this ever since first release and always cherished that as the best format to enjoy this all time classic. Tried a couple of stereos along the way (can't remember the exact origins or pressings now), but always thought them too weak and bleak in comparison so I stopped actively looking for a two-channel partner to the mono long time ago. The British original came in mono only but a stereo mix, originally made Sept.1966 for the US issue, was released in UK mid-1969. I've sometimes thought about getting it, but as the first "unboxed" press in fine nick always been too rich for my wallet and I didn't expect much from audio or power I just let it be. Now after finally finding one fitting my economy and playing it non-stop for days I regret it took me so long. (Be aware this is about the -1W/-1W matrix, don't know how any of the later ones come through in comparison.) There's nothing weak or bleak here, on the contrary it's very raw and offensive. I get the guitars better most of the time and also hear some of the details clearer. Maybe I'm just seduced by the grace of novelty, but for this for now I actually prefer an original mid-sixties stereo mix over a mono. As I grew up with the mono that will always be closest to my heart and soul though I can't deny this is more fun to listen to. Premiere UK stereo had label as shown here, heavy vinyl, laminated cover with die-cut mono/stereo hole on rear and blue rim stereo inner. (MÄH*) (CPYC*)

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