tisdag 21 februari 2017


This is not one of my regular posts, just a proclamation of everlasting love. If I'd call it one of the best debute albums and also one of the best soul albums ever that wouldn't be enough. Amazing how a record consisting of cuts recorded 1962-64 can sound so fresh and intriguing over fifty years later. All backing simple and heartfelt on the spot, vocals so sincere they go all the way from caressing you to sleep to make your heart beat fast and sweet, and the audio so welcoming it's like a visit. I've had different pressings of it from the late sixties and on but been without copy the last couple of years. Now when I found this US a while ago it was like meeting a dear old friend again, or maybe more like getting back a long lost love. At first spin I knew every part of every song and was back in that warm embrace I missed for so long. No need to pick out favorites or jump tracks on this one - it's all beautiful and now that we're back together again I know we'll never part. Recorded in mono only, all stereo issues are re-channeled. 1964 releases in US and Canada. Further issued 1967 in Germany (ATCO 33-161), UK (Atlantic 587042) and a couple of other countries. Also frequently reissued on vinyl and CD later years. First US had label as shown here, heavy vinyl and glossy cover. (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*)

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