fredag 24 februari 2017


(For background check posts on her debute "Cilla" and the 1968 "Sher-ooo" album.) Cilla Black (1943-2015) may not have carried Britains most beautiful voice in the sixties, but compensated that through vocal energy, good looks and by surrounding herself with aces. However with the previous, in UK non-charting, "Surround Yourself With Cilla" 1969 it seemed her singing carreer was decelerating. It sold OK downunder, but failed in other parts of the world. I guess this was meant as a comeback cause they sure went all in with the handeling. Produced by George Martin (1926-2016) and including him using six different conductors/arrangers for the orchestral backings (most by Mike Vickers - earlier with Manfred Mann and the one who conducted the orcherstra for Beatles "All You Need Is Love" TV broadcast). Don't know what inspiration was sweeter - the session support or the fact that she was pregnant during the recordings - but this comes out a lot cooler and more intimate than any of her previous albums. Her voice more naked, for better or worse, which brings it closer and me enjoying it a lot more than anything else she'd done so far. I'm also slightly intrigued by some of the track choices. Rather unexpectedly she does a song by Swedish singer/songwriter Olle Adolphson (1934-2004) - "Det Gåtfulla Folket" - here translated by Hal Sharper to "Mysterious People". With "I Can't Go On Living Without You" she became the first artist covering an Elton John song and she was by far the first covering Beatles "Across The Universe". Bed may have been made by George Martin and the boys, but it's comfortable and she seems to enjoy every minute in it. Favorite tracks - "April Fools", "Mysterious People" and "Sweet Inspiration". To my knowledge only originally released in UK and Australia (World Record Club S/5490). EMI also did a special edition of the album for download 2009, including a digital booklet and three bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and matt flip/back cover. (FÄV*) (PÖX*) (CÄLÄ*)

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