tisdag 31 januari 2017

CONTINUUM SF 8157 (-70) UK

One of the rummier plants in the early seventies prog jungle. Band was a relatively shortlived outfit, founded and led by Hungarian multi-instrumentalist and painter Yoel Schwarcz. After a number of member changes the combo on this debute incorporated classical guitarist John Warren, percussionist Dick Wildman and double-bass player Mick Heart. An album hard to describe. All instrumental and acoustic, some building on works by baroque composers like Bach or Händel and some touching even older medieval progressions. Performances are part improvised, at a few occations reminding of blues, but more often jazz or symphonic psych, including a fair share of atonal parts. Two cuts - "Invention" and "Release" - reminds of early Jethro Tull, while "Revelate", "Approach Of Judgement" and "Apodosis" make me think of the experimenting Don Ellis or a very playful orchestral Zappa. Introvert and not the least commercial, they just do what they do for not so obvious reasons. The five tracks on side two are bind together by a theme title - "Legend Of Childe Harold (Forestful of Music)" - maybe thought as some kind of instrumental symphonic/prog opera, but I'm afraid that doesn't add much to my understanding. Nothing for the faint-hearted, but if you're into the odd and particular it may be something. To my knowledge this UK was the only vinyl release. 2004 CD on Stoned Circle (STCCD 3008). First had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover.

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