torsdag 12 januari 2017


One of the bands emerging from the San Fransisco "summer of love" era and existed since through numerous breakups, reunions and set changes. Though with a relatively consistant high quality in performance and songwriting they never reached the same success or legendary status as contemporary peers like Grateful Dead or Jefferson Airplane. I don't remember them at all from the record shops or domestic Swedish lists at the time and it's first in my older days I've started to get closer. Not totally connected yet, but I'm getting there and will be back with more on it later. For me the most interesting with this album for now is the Deep Purple connection. It is known Purple stole the "Bombay Calling" theme from the IABD debute, slowed the tempo and used it as an intro to "Child In Time". Listening to the "Don And Dewey" track on this I guess it was payback time, or at least a wink, since it has almost identical theme as the Deep Purple instrumental "Wring That Neck" from the Book Of Taliesyn LP. Faster here and with some additional notes, but too similar to be a pure coincidence. It could also be both bands were inspired by the same source unwittingly of eachother, but that seems a lot more farfetched...or is that the reason it's part credited to US DJ/country singer Don Bowman on sleeve? I'm confused. Can't find anything further on this from the net, but need more. Any thoughts?

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