tisdag 24 januari 2017


If we're just talking live albums as such at large this is not my favorite. Cut too dense to let it all out (at least this 1st UK press) and the versions so faithful to the originals it's sometimes just like listening to the studio versions, but with subpar audio and audience noise. Still as a Genesis album it has a value for me as a fan. You can hear what great performers they were on stage, disciplined yet with nerve. I wish I'd been there in the front row getting it clear and direct and this doesn't put you there, rather at a place far back. So instead of a natural sound picture of the band in its former glory it's more a damp image of greatness. But at least it's there and that's better than nothing. Favorite track - "The Knife". Issued and reissued on all possible medias through the years. First US on Charisma scroll label (CAS-1666). Earliest UK reissue was distributed by Polygram with smaller "mad hatter" and laminated cover. Premiere UK had B&C label as shown here and thin matt cover. (LYBÖ*) (GYÄ*) (CÄX*)

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