måndag 6 april 2015


After posting UK mono and stereo and the German stereo re-mix it's time for the US stereo. Obviously made from the same tapes as UK, but I thought it would be interesting to compare anyway, using same equipment and ear condition for both (Rega Planar 2 with a Shure M44-7 round stylus). Two early presses - UK matrixes stamped A V 1 1/B V 1 1 and US etched RS 6281 1B/1F. Had the UK for very long time and loved it for the groovy psyche outcome - soft and relaxed with a pot atmosphere. This US is fairly new to me and became a small shock at first listen - louder and clearer with much better separation. Always listened to the Track version soothed in an idle position, but this makes me wanna sit straight and give attention to details. As I see it both have advantages - UK is comforting and suitable for slacky moments while the US gives a right on natural feeling, craving concentration. First plan was to keep one and trade the other, but with such mood differences I'll probably need both. First press had label as shown here, thick glossy fold/out cover with lyrics inside and Reprise ad inner. (JHÄ*) (YZÄ*) (CPYC*)

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