onsdag 8 april 2015


Strange how music can trigger memories, not only pictorials but also sounds, scents and whole situations. Found this in a used bin lately and recognized it without knowing why. Then at first play it all came back. Suddenly I was eleven years old sitting in the living room of friends to my parents, reminiscing faces, furnishing and voices I haven't thought about for fifty years. Nice to be back, but I'm also wondering why this in particular and non of the other songs we listened to there takes me back so vividly. I can only guess. The others - from Beatles, Dave Clark 5, Swinging Blue Jeans and a few more - have followed me through the years, collecting further memories, while I haven't heard or taken notice of this since those days. Thus untainted by alternate impressions the songs still provide a clean connection to the source. My favorites at that point were the ones with high pitch vocals - title track and "Sorry (I Ran All The Way)". I was also excited by the Beatles connection but got that all wrong - at the time I thought "Twist And Shout" was a Beatles song while I'd never heard of "World Without Love". Today I can also appreciate the simplicity of the recordings, artistery and the direct, revealing audio, but the favorites remain the same. Premiere US 1964 on Amy (8003-M). Early UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover.

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