fredag 10 april 2015


Don't know how many Feliciano collectors are still out there, but this is so odd in so many ways I just have to post it. Originally issued in a number of countries, many of them with alternate sleeve design or coloring. Of all I've seen this Iranian black/gold has to be the most beautiful. The domestic label also attractive with a variation on UK Decca/London design. First I thought it was a bootleg/rip-off, but the high quality and tax stamp glued on label shows on legal sale. Audio is both good and bad news. It sounds like a high quality true mono, loud and well separated with perfect balance and focus. Unfortunately the pressing is of lower quality with background noise reminding of that you get from old 78 rpm:s, minor but there most of the time (may come from the record has been played on bad equipment, but it looks excellent so I can't say). In any case after my brain learned to filter out the vinyl hiss I'm really enjoying this close encounter with his emotional vocals and superb guitar play. The tapes used are probably UK. The cultural exchange between Britan and Iran during the Shah Reza Pahlavi rule and the label design points in that direction. First US (RCA LSP-4185) and UK (RCA SF 8044) in stereo only. This came on thick unflexible vinyl in a thin glossy cover. (ÄZÄ*)

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