onsdag 1 april 2015


To me music is all about content and connection. If a record has good material and lots of heart the surface doesn't matter much. But there are always exceptions and this is one. The core is harmless cover versions of already softy originals and though the boys have pleasant voices there's no edge whatsoever. Yet the handeling of the material - from studio to pressing - is so precious that alone makes it worth having. Produced by John Burgess (a long time George Martin associate) and using no less than three different prominent band leaders as arrangers - Johnny Pearson (1925-2011), Harry Robinson (1932-96) and Bob Leaper. There's strings, brass and woodwind everywhere as foundation or superstructure, supporting and counterpointing. So well done after a while that's all I hear and the vocals doesn't seem to matter anymore. From today's computerized perspective it is amazing how much knowhow and skill were used to accomplish just one analog issue, all the way from sessions through the manufacturing processes to ready vinyl. The stereo here is wide and various and the audio very good to the ear. Haven't heard the mono, but this early probably a separate mix. Also released in Australia through World Record Club (S-4740) with different sleeve design. Not issued in US, though all cuts from it showed up on the Capitol albums "Woman" (T/ST 2477) and "Lady Goodiva" (T/ST 2664). First UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover.

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