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Combo only existing a few months between Dunbar's Retaliation band and him being drafted as a member to Zappa's Mothers. Recordings for this album made spring 1970, but issue postponed till about a year later. Prior to the sessions Dunbar had already met and played with Zappa at a BYG records festival in Belgium. It's a good guess the change of direction here was inspired by that meeting. While Retaliation concentrated on white blues this is a lot more towards psych and prog. Still having a bluesy feel, but songwriting slightly more jazzy combined with jam episodes. Apart from Dunbar's obvious skills there's some outstanding guitars from Ivan Zagni (Patto, Louis Cennamo) and Roger Sutton (Nucleus, Brian Auger). Entire musical performance top notch - at the same time secure and adventurous, beautiful and outrageous. Co-produced by Dunbar and Colin Caldwell (who also worked with Curved Air, Catapillar and Chris Barber). That said - to me this is very much vocalist Paul Williams' album as he was co-writer or writer of all tracks but WTP and part arranger. It's also his strained and personal voice that gives needed balance to the music and makes it emotional. So rather than just witnessing a show by very skilled musicians (one of many at the time) you're invited and connected. Not a bad track here with the psyched "Willy The Pimp" cover adding a lot to the Zappa/Beefheart original. US on Warner Bros. (WS 3010), German on Metronome (MLP 15395). As I understand early UK sales was a US import and first actual UK press came with the 1978 Charly issue (CR 30142). 1994 French CD on Spalax (CD 14814). Premiere French had label as shown here and thin, fully laminated cover. (MFÄX*)

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