lördag 11 april 2015


For more on the band check post on their second album "Electronically Tested". Listening as I write I don't think this debute is as good as that follow-up, which also included the million selling singles "In The Summer Time" and "Baby Jump". Though with the same positive feeling and charmingly sloppy performance it's less striking. Most of the songs drone on with similar chord changes and vocal treatment and there are few if any outstanding moments. I do like the warm atmosphere, the carefree attitude and Ray Dorset's friendly voice. Judging from the music alone these are guys you wanna hang out and drink beer with and if they ever visited to perform live in your home it would probably sound exactly like this record. First US on Janus (JXS 7000) had "In The Summertime" instead of "Daddie's Brew" and came with other cover design. Premiere UK had label as shown here and structured fold out "3D concept" cover with glasses included.

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