lördag 25 april 2015


Shortlived NYC rock band (1967-68), often referred to as a one hit wonder due to their Billboard #6 hit "Come On Down To My Boat". Of the following four singles one made top 50, two just managed top hundred and the last didn't chart at all. Here's the second of two albums, issued late 1967. While the first can be described as for the time rather ordinary summer rock, this is more elaborated moving towards psychedelic pop. Most of the songwriting is still on the kind clean cut side and the multi layer vocals pleasant while the production and arrangements goes all in for a trip. You get varispeed, backward instrument loops, and fuzz guitars. Not all at once, but in small portions spread all over the place as parts of the big picture. I hear inspiration from Beach Boys, Beatles, Monkees and US bubblegum pop, but can't seem to find the band's own identity. Maybe unfair, but to me most of it sounds like one of those studio projects where hired muscians poses as a group to cash in on flavor of the year. No hit feeling and nothing really touching, but very well done all the way and a fitting background to any "summer of love" theme party. Also issued on MGM in UK (CS 8061). No clue if this mono is a separate mix or a very good fold. Premiere US had glossy label as shown here, thick vinyl and gimmick cover with a fold out pic on front. (ÖXCÅ*) (YZÄ*)

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