onsdag 15 april 2015


Laura Nyro (1947-97) was a US singer/songwriter who's compositions were and still are hits when recorded by other artists, but never truly successful by own performance. Early carreer included being booed off stage at some occations and not being properly backed up by her first label Verve Forecast. She got a new chance with Columbia and when allowed more artistic freedom for this second album the offspring became quite remarkable resulting in critical acclaim and eventual cult following, but far from big sales halting at #189 on Billboard. After three more unprofitable LP:s she retired from music business 1971 and didn't record again until 1976. This is still good listening. She seems to have a total contempt for genres or musical departments, blending jazz, soul, pop, gospel with rock and keeping it together by a very personal vocal style - uninhibited but secure and beautiful in its own way (can't help thinking she must have been a great inspiration to Kate Bush). Though it takes an open mind to get into, it's rewarding once you're there. Favorite tracks - "Luckie" and "Stoned Soul Picnic". I don't like the stereo mix here - many of the cuts sounds unbalanced thus harming the total impact. Fortunately it's a perfect compatible so pushing the mono button gives accurate balance and very enjoyable listening. Never heard the UK mono or US mono promo, but my guess is they're both folds. Premiere US (Columbia CS 9626) came with a perfumed lyric sheet. Later re-issues all over the world on vinyl and CD from 1990 and on with or without bonus tracks. First UK had label as shown here on thick vinyl with both US and UK stamped matrix numbers (XSM 135814-1A/815-1A and CBS 63346 A/B). Cover laminated with lyrics on rear. (FÄV*) (SYSÖ*)

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  1. Please correct the misinformation. She was never bood off stage at Monterey, and she was not sacked from Verve records. The Monterey footage is available on youtube,check it out.

    1. That's the info I got from different sources, but as You may be right I'm doing that part of the text a little more general.