lördag 4 april 2015


Band initially a result of collaboration between successful songwriter Graham Gouldman - who wrote a large number of sixties hits for acts like Hollies, Yardbirds and Jeff Beck Group - former Mindbenders vocalist/guitarist Eric Stewart plus Kevin Goodley and Lol Creme - earlier playmates with Gouldman in "Hotlegs". Through member changes they've issued fortyfour albums (including lives and compilations) and over thirty singles up to this day as "10cc", where of two #1 and further fourteen top 10:s on the UK list. I've always liked their earlier work best and this is my absolute favorite. Not many new groups could flaunt enough material to make their third album in short time a Greatest Hits, but these guys sure had it. Side one here has five '45 A-sides - all top notch pop songs, a lot like pastiches but with enough zest to work on their own. Especially "Silly Love" is a true gem with a hard rock flavour. Side two contains six non-LP flipsides, very strong and not standing back to anything on the regular albums. All over rather kind and unoffending but guaranteed to bring positive feelings. First US on UK label (UKS 53110). Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin glossy cover. (PÖP*)

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