måndag 30 mars 2015


Classic album by one of the first US supergroups and a predecessor of the American seventies rock and prog scene. I got nothing to add on the numerous writings about settings and recordings already on the net. This is about the mono only. Found this copy in a used bin a while ago and it is the first one channel version of the album I've seen in r/l or listened to directly from the source. Knew it was a fold which also is confirmed by the US stereo number below the UK one on the label. I've heard quite a few bad UK CBS mono reductions of US Columbia stereos through the years so I didn't expect much, but this must have been from an almost perfect compatible or adjusted in some way cause it sounds just right - clear with fine separation providing a natural feeling. Maybe the balance is a tiny bit off at a few limited places, but it would take a fusspot to notice and I've heard a lot less stable from true mono mixes. In all very good audio, warm and embracing, going right to this old monolover's heart. Premiere US stereo on Columbia (CS 9701). UK first had structured label as shown here, stamped "BPG" matrixes, thick vinyl and laminated cover. (YMÖ*) (ZHÄ*) (ÄLCÖ*)

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